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Overview of Coriander Seeds

Leading Coriander Seeds Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters From India

Coriander seeds are the seeds of dried fruits that are almost spherical in shape, outside pale yellow to yellowish brown, and have a unique taste. Coriander seeds are accessible all over the world. One of the main spices used in Indian cuisine is this one. The dried Coriander Seeds or product of the parsley-related Coriandrum sativum plant is known as coriander. It is primarily distributed by coriander seed sellers as bulk coriander seeds supplied in some regions of the world. The leaf of the same plant is called cilantro, and surprisingly, it has a quite different flavour from coriander. With hints of pepper, mint, and lemon, cilantro has a flavour that is delicate yet rich.

Coriander Seeds Supplier in Gujarat

 Coriander Seeds Supplier – VAD Industries produces fresh, natural, and high-quality spice powders, including turmeric and coriander powder. To satisfy the customers’ desires for gourmet foods, our Coriander Seeds Supplier in Gujarat also offers premium spice seeds. Coriander Seeds Supplier i.e. VAD Industries have become a leading producer of superior agro-products to satisfy the various demands of our customers. Worldwide, bulk coriander seeds are frequently used in many different cuisines. They play a major role in pickling recipes, marinades, spice blends, and curry preparations.

Our Coriander Seeds Supplier in Gujarat like VAD Industries is famous for the quality work you just need to find your ideal Coriander Seeds Supplier in Gujarat through which you can build a regular supply for regular orders.

Coriander seeds exporter in India

Spices Exporter in India stands out as the gold standard of quality when it comes to producing, shipping, and manufacturing Coriander seed powder in India. Coriander Seeds Exporter such as VAD Industries has made a reputation for itself in the market by paying close attention to quality and dedicating itself to client happiness.

Our Coriander Seeds Exporter makes sure that all of its goods are pure and of the greatest value. Our Coriander Seeds Exporter, which is a prominent producer, distributor, and supplier of Dhania seeds, serves a wide range of customers in different industries.

Selective consumers looking for the best coriander seeds often choose us as Coriander Seeds Exporter in the thriving Indian wholesale coriander seed business.

Coriander seeds Manufacturer in India

As the best Coriander Seeds Manufacturer, we value client happiness, sustainability, and quality. VAD Industries – the manufacturer of coriander seeds is a firm believer in helping regional farmers and encouraging environmentally and socially responsible farming methods. Because our Coriander Seeds Manufacturers are committed to quality. Being one of the top Coriander Seeds Manufacturers, we go to great lengths to choose only the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest spices to export.

Additionally, bulk Coriander seeds manufacturers provide a number of services to its clients. Among them are:

Tailored packaging and labelling to fulfill individual customer requirements.

Reasonably priced and adaptable payment methods.

Reliable and efficient shipping to locations worldwide.

Prompt customer assistance and service by our Coriander Seeds Manufacturer to guarantee your happiness.

Whole Coriander Seeds Wholesale

Whole Coriander Seeds wholesale flavour, perfume, and general quality of coriander seeds are significantly influenced by their place of origin. Whole Coriander Seeds wholesale by trustworthy supplier like VAD Industries ought to be open and honest about their sourcing procedures. A large range of

Whole Coriander Seeds wholesale profiles are a result of India’s varied agro-climatic zones, which also benefit the country’s coriander export market. The authenticity of products is bolstered by suppliers like us that share information about the cultivation techniques and sourcing places.

Coriander Seeds Specifications:

 Product Name:Coriander Seeds
 Quality:Eagle Whole & Split, Scooter, Single Parrot, Double Parrot, XO Quality
 Cleaning: Machine Cleaned / Sortex Cleaned
 Moisture:8% Max
 Place of Origin: India
 Split Seeds:4% Max
 Flavor:Aromatic With A Penetrating Flovor

Packaging Details:

 PP Bag 25 / 50 KG in New PP Bag
 Paper Bag 25 KG in New Paper Bag Inside Poly Bag
 -  As Per Customer Requirement

Container Capacity:

 20' FT Container  09-10 Metric Tons
 40' FT Container 20-21 Metric Tons

Coriander Seeds Benefits and Uses:

✓ It is widely flavoring agent in food industry and suitable to add pleasant aroma and flavor to food items.
✓ Coriander seeds are also good to be used inside sausages, baking, candies, pickles, soups etc.
✓ It is brown in color and crushed properly to use along with food items.
✓ It can be used as body lotion for nourishing skin.
✓ It is usually used as health booster to maintain your overall health and stamina.
✓ It can be used as food agent to give distinct flavor to dishes.
✓ It is used along with domestic and international dishes to prepare cuisines.

Can VAD Industries fulfill my export requirements as a coriander seeds exporter?

Absolutely! VAD Industries is a trusted coriander seeds exporter, ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations.

Could VAD Industries be my preferred coriander seeds supplier for bulk quantities?

Certainly! VAD Industries offers a wide range of coriander seed varieties, customizable packaging solutions, and competitive prices for bulk orders.

Can VAD Industries serve as a local coriander seeds supplier in Gujarat?

Yes, VAD Industries operates as a coriander seeds supplier in Gujarat, providing prompt deliveries and superior customer support to spice manufacturers and retailers in the region.

What are the different quality grades of coriander seeds offered by VAD Industries?

VAD Industries offers various quality grades of coriander seeds, including Eagle Whole & Split, Scooter, Single Parrot, Double Parrot, and XO Quality, catering to different preferences and requirements.

How are VAD Industries’ coriander seeds cleaned and processed?

VAD Industries employs advanced cleaning techniques, including machine cleaning and Sortex cleaning, to ensure that our coriander seeds meet the highest quality standards and are free from impurities.

What are the moisture content and split seed percentage in VAD Industries’ coriander seeds?

Our coriander seeds have a maximum moisture content of 8% and a maximum split seed percentage of 4%, ensuring freshness and quality preservation.

What is the flavor profile of VAD Industries’ coriander seeds?

VAD Industries’ coriander seeds boast an aromatic flavor with a penetrating aroma, enhancing the taste and fragrance of culinary dishes.

What packaging options are available for purchasing coriander seeds from VAD Industries?

VAD Industries offers packaging options such as PP bags (25/50 KG), paper bags (25 KG inside poly bag), and customizable packaging as per customer requirements, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

What is the container capacity for shipping coriander seeds from VAD Industries?

VAD Industries can load 9-10 metric tons of coriander seeds in a 20′ FT container and 20-21 metric tons in a 40′ FT container, providing efficient and cost-effective shipping solutions for our customers.

Can VAD Industries accommodate specific packaging requirements or labeling preferences for bulk orders?

Yes, VAD Industries offers customizable packaging solutions and can accommodate specific labeling preferences for bulk orders, ensuring that our customers’ branding and packaging needs are met effectively.



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