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Overview of Dill Seeds

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Dill seeds, also known as suva, are a spice that resembles fennel seeds and carom seeds. used in bread, soups, pickles, and vegetable dishes, dill seeds are known for their excellent digestive properties. they taste a lot like caraway seeds but the flavour is comparatively lighter. whole dill seeds are popular for their crunchy taste. dill is an annual herb native to the central asia, it is also widely grown in europe and northern africa for its culinary and medicinal use. dill weed, dried leaves of the same plant is also used for flavoring. it is milder in taste when compared to dill seed. fresh and dried dill leaves (sometimes called “dill seed” to distinguish it from dill seed) are used as herbs, mainly in sweden, the baltic, in russia, and in central asia. dill seed is used as a spice, with a flavor somewhat similar to caraway but also resembling that of fresh or dried dill weed. dill seeds were traditionally used to soothe the stomach after meals. dill oil can be extracted from the leaves, stems and seeds of the plant.

Dill seeds brown in color. the other side of the dill seed is convex. the convex side has three ridges and three oil channels. the size of the seed is around 5 mm (0.15 in). the leaves and stalks of the dill seeds are aromatic. the flavor of the seed is slightly bitter which is similar to caraway. dill seed is generally cultivated in well-drained soil. it is milder in taste when compared to dill seed. whole dill seeds have a somewhat sweet aroma but are slightly bitter in taste. the seeds contain carvone as an essential oil. dill seeds have a pungent and aromatic flavor. find dill seeds manufacturers in india, dill seeds suppliers in india, dill seeds exporters in india, dill seeds importers in india, gujarat, rajkot, unjha, rajasthan, mundra port, nhava sheva port, ahmedabad, mumbai, delhi in india and around the world.

HSN CODE: 09109913

Dill Seeds Specifications:

 Product Name:Dill Seeds
 Purity: 99% / 99.5% (As Per Customer Requirements)
 Cleaning: Machine Cleaned / Sortex Cleaned
 Moisture:10% Max
 Place of Origin: India
 Total Ash: 9.25% Max
 Salmonella: Absent / 25 Gms
 Acid Insoluble Ash:1.20% Max

Packaging Details:

 PP Bag 25 / 50 KG in New PP Bag
 Paper Bag 25 KG in New Paper Bag Inside Poly Bag
 -  As Per Customer Requirement

Container Capacity:

 20' FT Container  13-14 Metric Tons
 40' FT Container 26-27 Metric Tons

Dill Seeds Benefits and Uses:

✓ Dill seeds consumption is also beneficial for diabetic issues.
✓ It not only is a wonderful medicinal product but also helps in building a strong immunity.
✓ It possesses some high disinfectant qualities which help in maintaining a fungal free and healthy smile.
✓ Dill seeds help in removing indigestion or even diarrhea.
✓ Some of the health experts also claim that the dill seeds help in maintaining the level of insulin in human blood.
✓ The serious health constrains caused due to the arthritis is also treated and even secured from by consumption of this herb.
✓ Consumption of dill seeds activates the secretion of certain hormones that results in comforting and regularizing the menstruation cycles.



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