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Overview of Asaliya Seeds

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Asaliya Seeds are one of the most popular add-ins for breads and desserts. Asaliya Seeds are more natural as compared to yellow raisins, as they are dried without sulphur dioxide. Asaliya Seeds are made by being laid on paper trays and allowed to dry in the sun for several weeks. They are then laid out on wooden trays to dry, where warm air is blown on them to speed up the drying process. VAD Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the most trusted name when it comes to seedless black raisin exports. We export best quality seedless black raisins to Europe, Gulf, Middle East, Far East and other parts of the globe. Our Black Raisin is appreciated for its quality and unmatched taste. Black Raisins are basically used for industrial purpose. VAD Industries Pvt. Ltd. is ideally positioned to fulfil large orders of Black Raisins. Find Black Raisins Buyers, Sellers, Producers, Manufacturing, Wholesalers, Producing, Supplying, Exports, Imports, Importing, Exporting, Buying, Selling, Import, Export, Traders, Trading, Distributors, International Traders, Agents, Brokers, Commission Agents, Processors, Purchase, Processing, Purchasing in India and around the world. asaliya seeds manufacturer in india and gujarat supplier.

VAD Industries Pvt. Ltd. is Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters and Suppliers of Black Raisins in India. We are Regularly Exports to Malaysia, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates, UAE, Singapore, Turkey, Russia, Algeria, Qatar, Jordan, Georgia, Armenia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Egypt, China, Bahrain, Australia, Morocco, Bulgaria, South Korea, Syria, Tunisia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Canada, Mexico, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, United States, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Japan, France, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Serbia, United States of America, USA, Austria, Chile, Czech Republic, Brazil, Romania, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Libya, Latvia, Lithuania, Cambodia, Mauritius, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Slovenia, Bangladesh, Switzerland, Belarus, Iran, Brunei, Iraq, Hungary, Israel, Iceland, Estonia, Myanmar, Fiji, Paraguay, Finland, Peru, Colombia. Black Raisins are available with as around the Year.


Asaliya Seeds Specifications:

 Product Name: Asaliya Seeds
 Moisture: 11% Max
 Cleaning: Machine Cleaned / Sortex Cleaned
 Grade: Premium Grade
 Place of Origin: India
 Other Name: Lepidium sativum

Packaging Details:

 PP Bag  25 / 50 KG in New PP Bag
Jute Bag  25 / 50 KG in New Jute Bag
 -  As Per Customer Requirement

Container Capacity:

 20' FT Container   22-23 Metric Tons
 40' FT Container  -

Asaliya Seeds Benefits and Uses:

✓ Asaliya Seeds have an effect, which supports the brain and nurtures it.
✓ Asaliya Seeds with milk or water can relieve thirst.
✓ Asaliya Seeds add a touch of sunshine to breads, muffins, cookies, cakes, pies, tarts and puddings.
✓ Add Asaliya Seeds, almonds, peppers and onions to brown rice to make a tasty side dish.
✓ Asaliya Seeds lubricate the bodies channels-particularly the lungs. Therefore, people with less than robust respiratory systems find them very healing.
✓ Asaliya Seeds are naturally endowed with both an array of valuable nutrients and a pleasantly sweet flavor.
✓ Asaliya Seeds as part of the daily diet.



Our company is well known for its "VAD" brand and includes a rich collection of products of the best quality

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