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Overview of Guar Gum Powder

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Guar gum powder also called guaran is a galactomannan. It is primarily the ground endosperm of guar beans. The guar seeds are dehusked, milled and screened to obtain the guar gum. It is typically produced as a free-flowing, pale, off-white-colored, coarse to fine ground powder. which have valuable usage mostly in Food, Paper, Textile, Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetic Industry. We contribute to India’s stand for 90 percent of the world’s guar supply. Find guar gum powder manufacturers in india, guar gum powder suppliers in india, guar gum powder exporters in india, guar gum powder importers in india, gujarat, rajkot, unjha, rajasthan, mundra port, nhava sheva port, ahmedabad, mumbai, delhi in india and around the world. VAD Industries private limited regularly exports to malaysia, indonesia, philippines, thailand, vietnam, usa, saudi arabia, united arab emirates, morocco, kuwait, qatar, turkey, russia, jordan, georgia, yemen, oman, south korea, egypt, china, bahrain, tunisia, afghanistan, algeria, singapore.

Guar Gum Powder Specifications:

 Product Name: Guar Gum Powder
 Moisture:12% Max
 Gum Content:80% Min
 Protein:5% Max
 Place of Origin:India
 Acid Insoluble Residue:3% Max

Packaging Details:

 PP Bag 25 / 50 KG in New PP Bag
 - As Per Customer Requirement

Container Capacity:

 20' FT Container  22-23 Metric Tons
 40' FT Container -

Guar Gum Powder Benefits and Uses:

✓ Adding it to the dough increases yield, gives better/softer texture, improves handling and increases shelf life.
✓ Its ability to act as a thickener proves useful as a process aid during pet food production.
✓ In meat products, it acts as a lubricant and also prevents loss of weight during storage by binding moisture.
✓ It is used as a wet end additive in the papermaking process. It improves sheet formation and physical properties.
✓ It thickens creams and lotions.
✓ It acts as a stabilizer and is used to control water flow and the flow of drilling mud.
✓ It is useful to stabilize ice creams especially in short time, high temperature processes preventing any variation in viscosity.



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